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Sleeping by the Bayou
Published 2019, New Orleans, LA

Sleeping by the Bayou is a project about the cemeteries of St. Bernard Parish of Louisiana. The cemeteries help tell the story of the area and the United States. Each book set comes with a letterpressed pop-up epitaph/ inscription, photographs, and an original piece of art.

Set I
The original art in Set I is a grave rubbing from Merrick Cemetery. The rubbing was done on a recently engraved stone with no damage and the rubbing caused no damage. The letterpress card is from the pet cemetery.
Set II
The original art in Set II is cyanotype from St. Bernard Memorial Gardens. There are many Buddhists buried there. This fork was left for Vincente to provide sustenance in the afterlife. The letterpress card is from Verrettville Cemetery.

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WhiteRabbitsCoverWhite Rabbits
Originally published 2016. Updated version 2019. New Orleans, LA
A true crime zine with the story of the abandoned pet cemetery in Saint Bernard Parish.
$15, shipping included for US. Please contact me for shipping prices elsewhere.

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Published 2018, New Orleans, LA
78 Full color photographs representing the tarot cards. The six sections are long-stitched together. $35 plus $5 shipping for the US. Please contact me for shipping elsewhere.

rsz_h400_25_565Twelve Nashville Waffle Houses
Published 2015, Nashville, TN
Inspired by Ed Rusha, I photographed the 12 Nashville area Waffle Houses. The book is bound with a custom Waffle House pattern. The first edition is a yellow cover with black stitching and the second edition is a black cover with yellow stitching.
Sold out. Available for exhibition
Published 2014,  Nashville, TN
Living in Johnson City and Bristol, I often heard mention of the hanged elephant. Mary tells the sad story of her violent death in 1916.
Sold out. Available for exhibition


Book a Month 2012
Published 2012, Bristol, TN
Each book has a letterpress cover and 10 images. Topics include NASCAR, Dolly Parton, and coondogs. Complete sets have a letterpress bellyband.
Sold Out. Edition available for exhibition.