Published 2018, New Orleans, LA
78 Full color photographs representing the tarot cards. The six sections are long-stitched together. $35 plus $5 shipping for the US. Please contact me for shipping elsewhere.


WhiteRabbitsCoverWhite Rabbits
Published 2016, New Orleans, LA
A true crime zine with the story of the abandoned pet cemetery in Saint Bernard Parish.
$15, shipping included for US. Please contact me for shipping prices elsewhere.

rsz_h400_25_565Twelve Nashville Waffle Houses
Published 2015, Nashville, TN
Inspired by Ed Rusha, I photographed the 12 Nashville area Waffle Houses. The book is bound with a custom Waffle House pattern. The first edition is a yellow cover with black stitching and the second edition is a black cover with yellow stitching.
Sold out. Available for exhibition
Published 2014,  Nashville, TN
Living in Johnson City and Bristol, I often heard mention of the hanged elephant. Mary tells the sad story of her violent death in 1916.
Sold out. Available for exhibition


Book a Month 2012
Published 2012, Bristol, TN
Each book has a letterpress cover and 10 images. Topics include NASCAR, Dolly Parton, and coondogs. Complete sets have a letterpress bellyband.
Sold Out. Edition available for exhibition.