Sleeping By The Bayou

Sleeping by the Bayou is an exploration of the ten cemeteries of St Bernard Parish. The cemeteries contain the rich history of the area and the current state of the parish. With cultural changes in death customs and climate change, the cemeteries are increasingly hard to keep up. The cemeteries include the defunct True Love Cemetery, a former cemetery for the enslaved people of the Sebastopol Plantation that continued until 2001; Saint Bernard Catholic Cemetery which predates St Louis I by two years, the defunct E.E. Matt Pet Cemetery, the First Baptist Church of Verrettville Cemetery which is run by the direct descendant of the Rev Samual Smith who founded the cemetery in the 1870s; and more. This is a selection of the visuals from the project that show the tiny delights in walking around a cemetery. In addition to photographs, there are flower poundings from flowers found at the cemeteries and grave rubbings.

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