Barbara Mandrell’s Fontanel Mansion

Barbara Mandrell is a country singer who had popular country-pop songs in the 1970s and 1980s. With her sisters, she had a popular variety show on NBC that had comedy skits, puppets, and performances by Dolly Parton, Alabama, and the Statler Brothers.

In 1988, she built a 20 room log-cabin mansion in Nashville. In 2002, she sold the home and in 2010 the new owners opened the home, filled with memorabilia, for tours. There is a pool, a shooting range, a game room, and a grand room for performing with a piano, guitars, and autographs from the likes of John Stamos. As a non-traditional museum, they encourage you to do many non-museum things like jump on a bed to strike a pose for her song “Crackers”. The song states “you can eat crackers in my bed anytime, baby.” You can also flip through her old black book that has phone numbers for PeeWee Herman and Bill Joel on the same spread. They inked out the numbers, so I have not hopped on a call with Paul Rubens.

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