Cat Fanciers of the South

Throughout the world, people worship felines. Some breed and show their cats. In the South, there are many cat associations including the Dixieland Silver & Golden Fanciers and the Southern Traditions Cat Club.

Having grown up with cats plucked from my grandparent’s barn, I quite enjoyed learning about the variety of cats. Bengal cats come from an Asian Leopard Cat being bred with a domestic cat. Their coats shimmer and they’d rather be playing than sitting still. The Tonkinese were reaching their elongated arms out of the cages and howling for attention. The Exotic Shorthairs look like tiny dolls with their squished faces.

The stereotype of the main cat lovers is the crazy cat lady. The cat shows demonstrates the opposite — most people are there with at least one other person and all are very sociable. The cats who are naturally territorial are used to the hustle of the other cats, the other people, and the judges and some even seem to crave more attention.

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