Foamhenge debuted on April Fools Day in 2004. Mark Cline is an artist who makes dinosaurs, monsters, giant octopus, leprechauns, and all sorts of creatures. Maybe best known for Escape From Dinosaur Kingdom — a park with dinosaurs fighting civil war soldiers. Foamhenge is his favorite.

Natural Bridge is a tourist town area in Virginia with a natural attraction — the Natural Bridge — with all of the traps of the trade around it. There are wax museums, zoos, a haunted house, taffy, and fudge. Cline’s work gave the area a distinct look.

After building a haunted house for the developer of Natural Bridge, he wanted to erect his replica to Stonehenge. The developer gave him the space to do that. There was a small parking lot with sign that asked visitors to be gentle. “It is foam not stone.”

After climbing a short hill, the creation revealed itself. It did feel mystical. Every time I went the wind blew differently — it felt special. To emphasize the mystical feel, Cline added a wizard to look over the proceedings.

It was always meant to be temporary, but it did last at Natural Bridge for twelve years. It now stands in Centerville, VA.

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