Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Cemetery

The only cemetery strictly for coon dogs is in Colbert County Alabama. In 1937, Troop, Key’s best friend and coon dog, died. Key buried him at a popular hunting camp and a tradition was born. Now the cemetery is home to more than 180 graves from dogs from around the country. To be buried at the site, they must be pure breed coon dog and be approved by the local coon dog organization.

The cemetery is well maintained from a yearly fundraiser on Labor Day. Graves are covered with homemade decorations and some have elaborate stones. Many graves have leashes left and many stones have pennies left on top. There are great names like Rage, Loud, Doctor Doom, and Strait Talkin’ Tex.

For those with dogs that aren’t full coon dog, people have started to write and carve their dogs names into the shelter and some leave photos tacked up so they can be remembered along with the official inhabitants.

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