Shrine of Saint Amico

In the quiet town of Donaldsonville, Louisiana, a tiny chapel sits at the end of a short road of houses. The one room with a steeple was built around 1907.

Surprisingly, the chapel sits unlocked. A simple wooden stop keeps the doors from swinging wide. The room smells damp and friendly.

In 1906, Tony Musco, a young father, sat over his dying son Lucian. While going to get some supplies, Tony ran across a mysterious man asking for a ride. He explained that he wasn’t headed in to town with his car and as they got to talking the stranger told him he was a healer and offered to visit his home. After performing a few rituals he disappeared. The next day the son was cured of his fever and pointed to a small print of Saint Amico and said that was the man who had visited him.

The father rejoicing vowed to make an offering to the Saint, a friend of the meek and small creatures. He saved money for a year and began work on the chapel. Over the years, the chapel was doubled in size.

Annually the Sunday after Easter, to celebrate the Saint, townspeople would start at the big church down the road and carry the large Saint Amico figure in the street and down to the church.

While the family and believers who did the procession have passed away, descendants are still maintaining the beautiful structure leaving it open for those who want to visit and pay their respects.

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