Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel

In 1979, Chuck and Lou Ann Best jokingly said they were going to teach a squirrel to waterski. The joke became reality and Twiggy became a star going on Good Morning America and Real People.

In 1997, Chuck died in an accident on the water. Lou Ann retired for awhile, but after getting many requests she took Twiggy (which is a group of several squirrels) back on the road and uses her platform to promote water safety and wearing life jackets.

The Bristol Motor Speedway has much entertainment and festivities. Twiggy joined the party several times. The crowd was in awe while the little gray one spun around his pool towed by a boat with two plushie squirrel drivers. In 2018, Lou Ann and Twiggy retired again so that Twiggy could rest and play his days away while Lou Ann writes books.

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